What If Profitable Content Marketing Could Be As Easy As…Making A Sandwich?

Introducing ContentBurger

Consider a proven solution that lets you create content for your product/service as easy as making a quick sandwich or burger.

For some people, they just want to find a meme, add their thoughts, and post to their social media profile. For others, they want to create a thoughtful in depth article around subjects they are passionate about with tons of sources to prove the validity of their ideas.

Regardless of which group you are in, I’m sure we can both agree that crafting that content on a consistent basis can be daunting.

There is a demo for you, see the video below

A demo of the software

Now you can create amazing engaging content for your sites and social media profiles in four simple steps

  1. pick or search for a topic
  2. select accounts
  3. customize
  4. publish and automate

Now Anyone Can Create Amazing Content With Their Sites and Social Media Profiles In A Flash! The amazing features of this service include:

The Easy To Use Dashboard

As you’ll soon see, Content Burger is an absolute content powerhouse machine! But that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult to use. That’s why we’ve very carefully designed Content Burger in a way that’s easy to use for even the most technologically challenged person.

Whatever you want to do with your content, you’ll know exactly where to find it in Content Burger. This way you can get to what truly matters and that’s building your business as well as your bottom line.

The Content Burger Fast Start Wizard

As we’ve previously stated, Content Burger is very easy to navigate. But just to make sure that Content Burger is a no brainer to use, whenever you log in, you’ll be greeted with the fast start wizard.

This wizard is designed to quickly walk you through the features of Content Burger so you can get to creating engaging profitable content fast!

Stay Organized With Workspaces

If you’re in different markets and niches, or doing freelance work for different clients, then you’ll love the workspaces option in Content Burger.

This will help you stay organized and efficient and never have to search for different posts or content across a number of markets.

When you log in to Content Burger, just select the workspace you want to work from and only content, sources, and posts that are relevant to that category will be shown to you..

Content Discovery At Your Fingertips

You’ll also find tons of sources for you to research and get inspiration for your articles. Plus, you can embed any of these sources into your original content any time you choose. They include:

  • videos
  • articles
  • memes
  • quotes

Post to WordPress, Medium and Tumblr Easily

Content Burger integrates with WordPress and Medium so you can do everything right from the composer. This allows you to manage all your blogs from one place as well as write for any publications you might be a part of on the Medium platform.

Because WordPress is the most popular content management system online, adding the ability to post directly to your WordPress sites right within Content Burger will power up your blogs even more.

Syndicate To Popular Social Media Sites In A Flash!

Creating amazing posts is one thing, but sharing it is another. When you create your posts using all the features in Content Burger you can also quickly and easily syndicate that content across a number of different platforms.

This allows you to build more of an audience and even siphon traffic back to your sites to help build your business.

Just follow the simple steps inside of Content Burger and you can have your all your content created and syndicated by the time you’ve had your morning coffee.

Integrate with your Favorite Tools

ContentBurger Connects with some of the World’s Leading Platforms for Videos, Images, Memes and even Robust Graphic Design Softwares like YouZign.

Content Burger Is In A League Of Its Own. You also get amazing bonuses when you purchase the software/app.

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What If Profitable Content Marketing Could Be As Easy As…Making A Sandwich?

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